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Most Frequently Asked Questions About Fitnessgram and Activitygram

1. Question: How is Fitnessgram 10 different from Fitnessgram 9?

Answer: New features of Fitnessgram 10 include

  • An updated PACER equation that no longer requires height and weight measurements is now used to predict VO2max
  • Alignment of Fitnessgram's HFZ standards and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) values for body mass index (BMI). This will enable youth to receive consistent information from Fitnessgram and the CDC growth charts, which are commonly used by pediatricians.
  • The new FG student app with AG Lite and FG knowledge tests
  • A fully hosted solution that removes the need to purchase servers and involve IT staff in installing the program. In keeping with the worldwide move to hosted software, Fitnessgram 10 is hosted with its founders and developers on servers at The Cooper Institute. A modest annual subscription fee provides complete hosting, full tech support, plus all updates and upgrades as they become available.

2. Question: Can I transfer my data from Fitnessgram 9 to Fitnessgram 10?

Answer: Yes, except for state level implementations where the state is using Fitnessgram software. For help transferring historical data from Fitnessgram 9 into Fitnessgram 10, please contact a member of the HK technical support team at or 800-747-4457, option 2. If you currently use Fitnessgram 8 and would like to transfer historical data into Fitnessgram 10, please contact HK tech support at or 800-747-4457 option, 2. There are risks to be considered regarding the requirement in FG 10 for unique IDs for students, teachers, and classes. These ID requirements do not exist in FG 8. An HK Tech Support team member will be able to explain these risks so you can make the best decision for your new installation of the web-based Fitnessgram 10 software.

3. Question: What is the FG student app for?

Answer: The FG student app has two components, AG Lite and FG Knowledge Tests. AG Lite is a 15 question survey that assesses physical activity levels at home and school as well as sedentary time. To reward completion students can play games that focus on lifelong activities. The FG Knowledge Tests are six leveled tests ranging from 10-20 questions.

4. Question: What is the difference between AG Lite and ACTIVITYGRAM?

Answer: AG Lite is an abbreviated version of ACTIVITYGRAM. AG Lite is a 15 question survey available within the student app, and ACTIVITYGRAM is a three day recall located within the software.

5. Question: Does the student app have to be purchased?

Answer: No, it is free to all Fitnessgram 10 customers.

6. Question: Does the student app have to reside on school/district devices, or can it reside on a personal device?

Answer: The student app can be downloaded onto any mobile device from iTunes or Android stores. There are cards available to walk students through the steps of accessing the app. Student usernames and passwords will need to be distributed in order to access.

7. Question: What about FERPA laws and Fitnessgram 10 Hosted?

Answer: The author of Fitnessgram, The Cooper Institute, provides the secure web hosting for Fitnessgram 10 Hosted software. The Cooper Institute takes great care to ensure the data is secure and does not violate any FERPA laws. Details are found in the Web Hosting Agreement that is made between The Cooper Institute and school systems who purchase Fitnessgram 10 Hosted version.

8. Question: I still have Fitnessgram 8 software. What are the implications if I don't upgrade to Fitnessgram 10?

Answer: If you upgrade your operating systems, Fitnessgram 8 may no longer be compatible. You may run into issues where the hardware needed to meet the system requirements for Fitnessgram 8 is becoming obsolete and out of date, and upgrading your hardware may cause Fitnessgram 8 to no longer be compatible with the new system.

Fitnessgram 8 Software will no longer be supported by Human Kinetics as of Summer 2014. Contact your K-12 educational consultant about making the change to Fitnessgram 10 and they'll help you determine the option that is best for you.

9. Question: How do I get a price quote or place my order?

Answer: Refer to the Prices & Order Info page of this site for basic price information. If you are interested in purchasing the software for multiple school buildings or need an official price quote, please contact your Human Kinetics K-12 sales representative.

To process your order, we will need the following:

  1. Official Purchase Order (P.O.) or prepayment via check or credit card
  2. State Sales Tax Exempt Certificate (if applicable)
  3. The email address, name, and title of the person at the purchasing school system who should receive the email containing the license file. This email will include the instructions for the next steps you'll need to follow to get up and running with Fitnessgram 10. We recommend that this person be the school or district IT (instructional technology) staff member who will be the primary FG tech contact.

Purchase Orders and tax exempt certificates can be emailed to or faxed to 217-351-1549. We also accept prepayment via check or credit card.

Please mail a check to the address on the quote, and please include the quote if you choose this method.

To place the order by credit card, please fax the credit card information to the secure fax number along with a copy of the quote, or call 800-747-4457 and choose Option 3 to place a credit card order by phone with our Order department. Please do not email credit card information, because this is not a secure method.

You can expect to receive your shipment within 5 to 7 business days of our receiving your order.

10. Question: What do I get when I purchase Fitnessgram 10?

Answer: In addition to a site license, each purchase includes

  • A copy of the Fitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Manual, Updated Fifth Edition, including a bound-in instructional DVD and a PACER CD
  • PDF of the test administration manual
  • Keycode to access the Fitnessgram online course as well as a very helpful resources within the course
  • Downloadable cadences for the PACER, curl-up, and push-up test items via the online course
  • Downloadable forms from the test administration manual via the online course
  • Knowledge tests to pre-test students' understanding prior to doing FG testing via the online course

11. Question: How do I know if I have to include a tax exempt certificate?

Answer: If you are in the following states, and you are tax exempt from state taxes, you will need to provide a tax exempt certificate the first time you place an order: CO, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, LA, MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NE, NJ, NY, OH, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, VT, VA, WI.

For public schools, the following states accept a copy of the official P.O. in lieu of a tax exempt certificate: WI, CO, MD, NJ, NY.

We will charge applicable state sales tax to K-12 schools in the following states: AZ, CA, NC, WA.

We do not charge any state sales tax to K-12 schools in the following states: AK, AR, AL, DE, HI, IA, ID, KS, KY.

12. Question: Who do I include as the recipient for the license file (next steps) email?

Answer: We recommend that your school or district IT staff member who will be the point person for Fitnessgram software is the recipient for this email.

13. I just placed my order for Fitnessgram 10 software. What should I do next?

Answer: The person designated as the recipient for the license file email will receive their next instructions via email within 24-48 hours of Human Kinetics processing the order.

14. How soon will I be able to use the program after I place my order for Fitnessgram 10 software?

Answer: After your order is processed, the license file "next steps" instructions are emailed to your IT contact. The email will ask that you either

  1. fill out information and sign an agreement for web hosting (if you purchased Fitnessgram 10 HOSTED Version), or
  2. provide the instructions for installing the program on your local school/district servers (if you purchased Fitnessgram 10 ENTERPRISE Version).

Any Fitnessgram test administration manuals that ship will take 2-6 business days to reach you in the continental United States.

15. What training options are available for Fitnessgram/Activitygram?

Answer: The following training opportunities for Fitnessgram are available with each FG product purchase and do not require face-to-face training. For more detailed information, go to the Training section of this web site:

  • A free online course is available that explains the process for administering the Fitnessgram test to students. A certificate worth four credit hours is provided at the end of the course exam.
  • The Fitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Manual introduces teachers to the Fitnessgram philosophy and guides them through the test administration protocols. A bound-in DVD features video clips of all the Fitnessgram test items, including common errors and corrections, as well as training videos for the FG software. The book includes an audio CD that contains cadences needed for administering the PACER and curl-cup portions of the test.

Additional Information

In addition to the "Frequently Asked Questions" above, FAQs are also organized into the following categories and are accessible via the navigation buttons on the left-hand side of this page:

The Program Overview page of the web site provides excellent explanations of the Fitnessgram test components and the Healthy Fitness Zone standards.

The Fitnessgram Reference Guide on The Cooper Institute's Web site is also a good source of answers to questions about Fitnessgram and Activitygram; if you don't find an answer to your question here, you may find it in the Reference Guide.

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