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FITNESSGRAM in Georgia 2013-14 School Year

The following questions and answers address the process of implementing Fitnessgram in Georgia and inform you of training opportunities to help you implement the program in your school district. This document also contains information concerning use of the program and who to contact for technical support. This FAQ will be updated as needed during the school year.

September 2013: Updated data management documents for GA IT staff and GA Fitnessgram users

For Georgia staff with security level of District Admin for the Fitnessgram program: Please review these documents for manually managing information such as logins, teachers, classes, and students in your district. Note that changes to these data relationships can always be made via the Custom Import option. However, you do have the option of manually making these changes provided you have the security or permission level of 'District Admin' for your data in the Georgia FG 9 program.

Note: It is important to remember that any changes made manually within the Fitnessgram program also need to be sent to your SIS vendor to ensure that future imports do not override the manual changes.

Custom import process by district IT staff

The following information links are listed to help district IT staff in Georgia with the custom import process used in the Fitnessgram web-based application.

Frequently Asked Questions document specific to the custom import process (FORTHCOMING)

Georgia Custom Import Manual for vendors (UPDATED April 2013)

The most current up-to-date file format for the Fitnessgram extract (UPDATED OCTOBER 2012)

Powerpoint used in the custom import webinar trainings (UPDATED September 2013)

Link to custom import webinar recording (UPDATED September 2013)

Additional Technical Document topics:

How to Assign Classes to Teachers in Fitnessgram

How to Assign Students to a New Class Manually

How to locate a Teacher's login information

How to Mark a Student Inactive if no longer in your School or District

How to Mark a Teacher Inactive if no longer in your School or District

How to Move a Student to a New School Manually

How to move a Student to Another Class Within the Same School

How to Remove Students from a Class Manually

How to Remove Teachers from a Class Manually


The following links are listed to help physical education teachers in Georgia use the web-based Fitnessgram program to enter student scores and generate reports.

Up-to-date powerpoint used in the webinar trainings. (UPDATED September 2013)

Link to GA teacher training webinar recording. (UPDATED September 2013)

For Fitnessgram app users in Georgia. The URL to type into the app in order to enter Fitnessgram scores for your students is the following--

What was the legislation that called for fitness testing in Georgia?

Beginning with the 2011-2012 school year, official Code of Georgia 20-2-777 requires each local school district to conduct an annual fitness assessment program for all students in grades 1 to 12 enrolled in Georgia public school physical education classes taught by certified physical education teachers. Assessments shall include methods deemed by the State Board of Education as appropriate for ascertaining students? levels of physical fitness. Each local school system shall report the individual results of the fitness assessment to the parent or guardian of each student assessed and the aggregate results of the fitness assessments by school to the State Board of Education annually in a format approved and funded by the State Board of Education.

How was Fitnessgram selected as the fitness assessment?

A Georgia Department of Education (DOE) fitness advisory committee was convened as an expert resource panel to develop the details of the Georgia fitness assessment program. The work included identifying the testing tool, testing requirements for each grade level, and communicating reporting needs. The committee will continue to provide technical assistance.

Why was Fitnessgram selected?

In June 2010, the Georgia Department of Education selected Fitnessgram, a comprehensive health-related physical fitness and activity assessment. The Georgia Department of Education fitness assessment committee reviewed available fitness assessments and determined that Fitnessgram was the only criterion-referenced assessment available. An additional benefit is Fitnessgram's standardized method of producing and printing individual student and parent reports.

When will the state start using Fitnessgram?

In this school year (2011-2012) the first assessment will be done after January 2012. All students enrolled in physical education from January to the end of the school year should be assessed and data entered into Fitnessgram. The parents/guardians of those students should receive reports in the spring of 2012.

What is SHAPE Partnership?

The governor's office developed the Georgia Student Health and Physical Education (SHAPE) Partnership, a collaboration of government, education, health care, and nonprofit leaders. SHAPE implements funding, training, data centralization, rewards and recognition, and a sustainable plan for long-term results.

Who is paying for all Georgia schools to use Fitnessgram?

The Georgia S.H.A.P.E Partnership is providing funding for the equipment, materials, licensing and training needed to implement the fitness assessment.

Do I have to do fitness testing with Fitnessgram?

Yes. As outlined in the official code of Georgia 20-2-777, all certified physical education teachers must use Fitnessgram to test students in their physical education classes once a year beginning in 2011-2012.

How do I get Fitnessgram so I can get started? What do I need to purchase?

Upon training, all school systems will receive a Fitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Test Kit--one for each school. The test kit contains a manual, Healthy Fitness Zone wall charts for boys and girls, sample pre-printed forms, a clipboard with the HFZ, station cards for the test items, and a site license for the Fitnessgram state program. All school systems will use the Fitnessgram program to enter test scores for their students. The state funder will be paying for all public schools to receive the test kit and have access to Fitnessgram.

I would like to get started now and purchase Fitnessgram on my own. Will I get reimbursed by the DOE?

At this time there are no plans to reimburse schools or districts that decide to purchase the Fitnessgram program on their own.

My district was not in the pilot program last year. How will I find out about using Fitnessgram for this school year?

The Georgia Department of Education and the S.H.A.P.E. partners are offering trainings for physical education teachers state wide. Trainings are being conducted from June 2011 though the end of December 2011.

What does my IT staff have to do so I can start using the program?

The Fitnessgram software used by Georgia will be web based and is operated by the GaDOE. Schools will not need to install any software. All teachers need to enter Fitnessgram test scores is an internet connection to the Georgia Fitnessgram web site. If you are using the program while at school and can?t connect to the Georgia Fitnessgram program, you will need to contact your IT person to check Internet service. If you are using the program from home and can?t connect to the Georgia Fitnessgram program, you will need to contact your Internet provider regarding service.

Will I have to manually enter all my students? information? Will my IT staff have to import students?

No. Local systems work with their SIS vendor for the FG extract. Local IT are responsible for importing the data relationships of PE teachers/classes/students into the FG application. Teachers are not allowed to manually add/edit/delete this information.

I've never used Fitnessgram before and need to be trained. What are my options?

Georgia DOE is providing training on administration of the test items as well as the software.

There are also non-face-to-face training opportunities you can use.

  1. In the Fitnessgram manual are written instructions on the test items as well as the DVD bound into the manual. The DVD includes videos on procedures for all test items. Every school building gets a copy of the manual in their test kit.
  2. Also in the manual is a CD that includes the beeps and music for the PACER test and the cadences for the curl-up and push-up test items.
  3. For the software, Human Kinetics is planning a series of webinar recordings for various features of the Fitnessgram program that can be used. Look for this information on the Fitnessgram Web site (

Will Georgia mandate what test items we have to do?

Yes. The test items identified are the following:

  • PACER or mile run
  • Sit-and-reach test for flexibility
  • Curl-up
  • Push-up
  • Height and weight for body mass index

Where can I get information on DOE training for the Fitnessgram test protocols?

Information and updates will be provided to all school system curriculum administrators though out the 2011-2012 school year. You can also contact the Georgia Department of Education health and physical education specialist, Therese McGuire, at

All training documents are available on the Georgia Department of Education Webb site at

What do I need to have or do in order to administer the test items?

You most likely have everything you need within your school as well as in the Fitnessgram manual.

  1. In the Fitnessgram manual are written instructions on the test items as well as the DVD bound into the manual. The DVD includes videos on procedures for all test items.
  2. Also in the manual is a CD that includes the beeps and music for the PACER test and the cadences for the curl-up and push-up test items.
  3. Lists of equipment needed for the test items can be found in the manual for each test item.

How do I learn how to use the software?

Webinar trainings are provided. Please use the powerpoint and webinar recording links above for instructions.

I have Fitnessgram 8. Do I have to enter test results in that program as well as in Fitnessgram 9?

No. You need to enter scores only into the Fitnessgram 9 program. Do not enter your scores into Fitnessgram 8.

How do I send my student scores to the state at the end of the school year?

There is no need to physically send student scores to the GaDOE at the end of the school year. This is an automatic process within Fitnessgram. You will still retain those scores to run reports for your classes, schools, and district.

I have very large class sizes. What is the best way to do fitness testing?

There are many test items in Fitnessgram that students can use for self-testing and for peer testing. The videos on the DVD in the Fitnessgram manual illustrate how students can help with testing. All teachers will receive a manual at training. The manual contains several tips as well.

Will we have to test students with disabilities?

Students with disabilities will be tested in accordance with system and school physical education guidelines.

If students are absent on test day, have an injury, and so on, do I still have to test them?

All absent students should be given an opportunity to participate in the assessment. Injured students will be tested in accordance with system and school physical education guidelines.

When do I test my students and enter Fitnessgram data?

Please review the links to the training powerpoint and webinar recording link for information.

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