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Upgraded FITNESSGRAM® 10 Now Available in Texas at No Cost

State funding enables eligible Texas public schools to upgrade to the new hosted state version

Good News!

All Texas local education agencies (LEAs) can upgrade each of their eligible* schools to FITNESSGRAM 10 (FG10) at NO COST until May 2015 with funding provided by the 83rd Texas Legislature.

To receive a district site license, which provides software access to all LEAs, updated FITNESSGRAM test manual, and key code access to the online FITNESSGRAM media, LEAs can simply click on the link at left named FG 10 Registration Form. It's that easy!

What’s in it for me?

The latest and greatest is within your reach! The hosted state software is user-friendly and web-based with instructional tools, easier imports and school reports, and more! KEY POINTS:

  • No need to purchase or maintain servers at the district level - It is hosted with its founders and developers at The Cooper Institute. Hosting services include full technical support and all updates and enhancements as they become available.
  • Free access with Internet - All schools in each district can have access to the software anywhere with Internet connectivity.
  • No need to annually export data – Once student data is recorded access is available at the state level.
  • FG10 state model license - Allows for the implementation of requirements in Texas Education Code, Sections 38.103-38.104, which call for an analysis of the results of individual student performance, without undue burden on the LEAs.
  • FG10 Training – multiple opportunities for LEA IT and teachers will be available starting in January. Check this web page for updates regarding dates, times and recorded sessions as they become available.
  • New FG10 Student app - Available for iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Complete with ACTIVITYGRAM® surveys and reliable FITNESSGRAM Knowledge Tests (also available in PDF format). Note: Must be on FG10 to access the student app.
  • New PACER - Updated PACER equation to predict VO2max does not include BMI in the calculation. Look up tables will be available for students to see how many laps are necessary to achieve the Healthy Fitness Zone®.
  • New BMI standards - Healthy Fitness Zone standards now in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) growth charts (commonly used by pediatricians).
  • Web-based instruction - Online staff development tools available for teachers.
  • Email student reports - Increase student privacy, time efficiency, and reduce paper waste.
  • Student-centered tools - ACTIVITYGRAM 3-day recall and Activity Log (PALA Award).
  • Statistical reports - Reader-friendly with graphics to increase impact.

*Funding is provided for any school that contains grade levels between 3 and 12.

Which students need to be assessed using FITNESSGRAM in Texas?

The Texas Education Code (TEC) §38.101 states that a school district must annually assess the physical fitness of students enrolled in grade three or higher in a course that satisfies the curriculum requirements for physical education under TEC §28.002 (a)(2)(C). With that being said, you must assess students in grades 3-8 as well as assess any student at the high school level enrolled in a Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) based course for physical education, or anyone in a substitution for physical education.

Students that are enrolled in athletics, off-campus private or commercially sponsored physical activity programs, or ROTC must always be assessed. Those students that are in drill team, cheerleading, or marching band are only assessed if they are substituting the "activity" for the physical education credit.

For complete information, contact the Texas Education Agency.

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