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Using Fitnessgram may seem challenging at first glance, but Human Kinetics offers several training options for learning how to use the software and perform the test items. Each of the following options can be used throughout the school year whether you're just learning about the test protocols or software for the first time, or need to refresh your memory.

Learning how to administer the Fitnessgram test protocols:

  1. DVD from the Fitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Manual. This manual is included with every software purchase and includes a DVD that contains videos on how to administer the Fitnessgram tests. Each video shows the correct test assignment, frequent mistakes, and how to correct them. The videos are easy to use for review with menu options to select a specific test item for reviewing. You can purchase the Fitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Manual online or by calling 800-747-4457.
  2. Online training course. This FREE online course is based on the Fitnessgram manual and takes you through the philosophy of the program as well as a thorough treatment of the test protocols. There is an exam at the end of the course with a certificate presented for successful completion. The course is free, but is based on the test administration manual and references the DVD within the manual for the questions relating to the individual test items. Register for the online course.

Learning how to use Fitnessgram software:

  1. Software help files. The Fitnessgram software includes ample help files accessible from within the program by selecting "Help" from the menu at the top of the window.
  2. The Fitnessgram/Activitygram Test Administration Manual also includes basic instructions on using the Fitnessgram software.
  3. A pre-recorded webinar about getting started with Fitnessgram software.

In-person workshops through SHAPE America:

  1. SHAPE America offers workshops led by certified Physical Best/Fitnessgram instructors that cover how to administer the FITNESSGRAM test protocols as well as how to use the software. Half-day and full-day workshops are available for a fee. If you're interested in scheduling a workshop at your school please contact the SHAPE America Physical Best Office at:

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