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FitnessGram is empowering tens of millions of students in 30,000 schools nationwide for lifelong health and wellness

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80% of top-performing schools in the nation choose FitnessGram for comprehensive fitness education

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Our platform supports not just physical education but also the cultivation of healthy, active lifestyles. FitnessGram encourages students, families, and educators to collaborate in building a foundation of fitness and well-being that lasts a lifetime

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Fitness Education

From detailed fitness standards to a plethora of educational materials, FitnessGram equips educators with all the tools necessary to deliver informed physical education, saving time and energy for what really matters—nurturing a healthier, more active generation

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Equip Educators with Comprehensive Resources

FitnessGram equips educators with all the tools they need to enhance their physical education programs. Our platform includes detailed fitness standards and rich educational materials that are designed to simplify the teaching process and improve instructional outcomes. These resources help educators engage students effectively, fostering lifelong healthy habits and a love for physical activity

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Our intuitive platform makes it easy to monitor student fitness levels, offering real-time insights and progress reports that are accessible anytime, anywhere—and tailored to meet the diverse needs of students, educators, and families

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Making with Data

FitnessGram provides robust data and insights, enabling educators and administrators to make informed decisions about physical education programs, track trends in student fitness, and adapt strategies to enhance overall school fitness and health

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A Partnership Forging New Frontiers

GreenLight Fitness joins forces with The Cooper Institute, custodian of FitnessGram's 50-year legacy of excellence in youth fitness assessment. This partnership leverages The Cooper Institute's half-century of scientific expertise with GreenLight's innovative technology, propelling FitnessGram into a new era of physical education and health advocacy.

Advancing Fitness with Science

and Innovation

With The Cooper Institute's research as our cornerstone, FitnessGram by GreenLight Fitness is set to redefine physical education. Together, we're committed to nurturing well-rounded, health-conscious youth prepared to thrive in a vibrant future.

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Joel Sischo
Time-saving win! Easily manage fitness assessments & records with FitnessGram® More time for teaching & less time on paperwork! #TeacherLifeHack
Julie Grutzmacher CAPE
👏 Impressed by my student's determination during the FitnessGram Pacer Test at Teague. She excelled while using the assistive rope, proving that with effort and adaptability, anything is possible. 🏃‍♀️💪 #FitnessSuccess
Joel Sischo
What a great learning experience for our @JolietSD86
 PE teachers involved in the NFL Play 60/ FitnessGram pilot program! Thank you
James Smith
Level up fitness assessments! Loving the new FitnessGram® platform! Engaging activities & clear data help my students understand their strengths & set goals. #PersonalizedLearning #FitnessMatters
Kelly Hernandez
Raptors 5th graders practicing for their push-ups for FitnessGram. Love the teamwork and enthusiasm here! ⁦#Teamnorthside ⁦
KERR Wellness
Today the students did a round of stations that targeted areas tested on the Fitnessgram. We are preparing to smash the standards ...
Paula Mora
This week in PE.  JBK students completed the FitnessGram fitness test this week.  Testing on Sit and Reach-flexibility,Push Ups-muscle ...
James Smith
Level up fitness assessments! Loving the new FitnessGram® platform! Engaging activities & clear data help my students understand their strengths & set goals. #PersonalizedLearning #FitnessMatters
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