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Unleash the potential of every student with data-driven fitness education that inspires and transforms.
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We understand that we can't manage what we don’t measure. FitnessGram software is your trusted tool for tracking physical fitness assessment scores and healthy zone achievements, designed to empower educators, administrators, and families with actionable insights.

Comprehensive Tracking

Map fitness journeys from individual strides to
statewide trends, empowering every step

with data.

Informed Decisions

Use insights to tailor curriculum and resources, ensuring every lesson hits 
the mark.

Policy Influence

Leverage data to shape health policies, crafting a healthier future for communities.

Community Engagement

Connect data with families, turning numbers into narratives of health 
and progress.

Keeping Schools, Students, and Families Active and Informed

Assessment Resources

Streamline Assessments 
with SmartCoach

SmartCoach simplifies the assessment process with an extensive library of resources tailored for educators and students. Dive into step-by-step protocol videos that demonstrate the correct techniques for completing assessments, ensuring accuracy and consistency from preparation to execution. This comprehensive support not only educates but also engages participants, enhancing the overall fitness assessment experience for everyone involved.

Data Tracking & Reporting

Navigate Progress with Precision

Transform raw data into actionable insights. FitnessGram's intuitive reports offer a clear, user-friendly way to monitor and share fitness achievements, empowering decisions at every level - from individual growth to district-wide health initiatives.

Keeping Schools, Students, and
Families Active and Informed

Privacy comes first

Find out how we protect our community of teachers, 

families, and students

Private by default
Protecting your data is our top priority. We’re FERPA Compliant and TX-RAMP Certified, ensuring the highest security for your schools.

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